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Five Burning Questions: Last Call Edition

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This version of Five Burning Questions marks the playoff version and final listing of questions. Hope you enjoyed the questions over the course of the season....Just something to think about and keep the juices flowing...Go Steelers!

1) If the Steelers were being unmercifully hammered by the middle of the third quarter and the opposing team ran an end-around-reverse-pass into the end zone, would you feel the slightest bit upset?

2) Which two teams would win the AFC wildcard games for the best possible scenario for the Steelers?

3) Who is the offensive and defensive MVPs for the Steelers this year?

4) Do you favor a re-seeding of the playoffs based upon won-lost records.

5) If all the current Steelers were single and your daughter (or sister) fell mutually in love with one of them, who would you want that Steeler to be?