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Road to the Big Game: Make It Real Steelers!

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Big props to the business and sales folks at SB Nation for forming a relationship for the 2010 NFL Playoffs with the absolute gold standard in advertising: Coca Cola.

Coke has an illustrious history of creating timeless slogans and outstanding ads across multiple mediums. And for NFL fans, a great Coke ad is part of the Super Bowl watching experience.

For the twelve SB Nation blogs with teams in this year's playoffs, we were simply told to write one post this week that outlined what it would take for our respective teams to make it to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV. I could have either spent hours going over what I really thought it would take for the Pittsburgh Steelers to win Lombardi No. 7, and I could have quickly written down the important elements of every game: winning the turnover battle, dominating the line of scrimmage, etc.

I had a better idea though. There's infinite variables that go into a football game, and no one player truly makes or breaks a team's chances. But for the Steelers, the outlook sure looks better when a certain No. 43 is suited up, healthy, and making plays all over the field for Dick LeBeau's defense.

And what do you know, Troy Polamlau just so happens to have been featured in Coca Cola's most recent famous Super Bowl commercial, a fresh take on the old classic featuring Mean Joe Green.