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5 Burning Questions: Now That's More Like It Edition

Steeler Nation met the results of Weeks 1-4 with much trepidation. In contrast, Week 5 brought a collective "Now that's more like it." Here are BTSC's "Five Burning Questions" as we wrap up the Tennessee Titans game and look ahead to Pittsburgh's Week 6 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

1. The Steelers literally signed Max Starks off of the street and the offensive line had its best day of the season. What does this say to you?

2. It is early, but the play of the Steelers corners seems to have improved. Are you ready to attribute that to what Ivan Cole has termed "The Lake Effect?"

3. Bruce Arians, often Steelers Nation's lighting rod for criticism, has his supporters and detractors on this site. But, as a self-avowed ‘Arians Agnostic' I ask, have you ever seen Bruce Arians call a better game than he did against the Titans. If so when?

4. Steeler Nation isn't complaining about this but, given the premium on quality nose tackles in this league, why do you think no one else made a serious offer to Chris Hoke while he was a free agent?

5. The Steelers coverage and return units are playing fabulously. Yet both sides of the place kicking units have suffered critical breakdowns and we've had a punt blocked. Is your special teams glass half full or half empty?

Have at it folks!