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5 Burning Questions as the Steelers Shift from Big Cats to Birds of Prey

The Steelers win over the Jaguars may have been lack luster. It might have missed the intensity of previous match ups with the Big Cats. But it certainly provided plenty of fodder for this weeks 5 Burning Questions.

1. I have my  own opinions on why the wings flew off the passing game after the first 20 minutes. What is your take?

2. LaMarr Woodley took plenty of flack for his "absence" in games 1-4. However, Lawrence Timmons has been equally invisible the entire year. Has Steelers Nation let the linebacking corps other 'bonus baby' off the proverbial hook?

3. The Steelers have protected the ball better in their four wins, but nonetheless have been chronically unable to produce turnovers. Why?

4. If you could "recall" one member of the Steelers who departed for Pittsburgh West aka the Arizona Cardinals (other than Ken Whisenhunt), who would that be?

5. Besides "Young Money" which other young players performances, in any phase of the game, is exciting you about the future?