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Steelers Vs. Texans: NFL Week BTSC Gameday Thread (1st Half)

What an interesting spot for the 2-1 Pittsburgh Steelers. Lose, and the sky is definitely falling on Steeler Nation. Win, and perhaps folks start to appreciate that it's not easy to win in the National Football League, and that a 3-1 start to the 2011 season is nothing to look down your nose at, regardless of how ugly any one week might have been.

For the Steelers, it's all about protecting the quarterback, opening up more spacious running lanes, and last but certainly not least, Ben Roethlisberger overcoming whatever negative situations his offensive line puts him in and protecting the football more consistently.

I have a good feeling about this game, but hey, that could very well be unfounded optimism. Road game against an attacking defense and capable passing game doesn't on paper equate to a great recipe for success with this Steelers team. We'll see.

Go Steelers!