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Sunday Morning Sermon: Final Thoughts on Steelers at Texans

Warriors traveling to foreign lands need all the protection they can get. Especially when they wear a No. 7 on their armor. The venue, Reliant Stadium. The opponents to fear, two Goliaths named Andre Johnson and Mario Williams

Williams shredded the Steelers the first time he played them, despite a huge Steelers win. Likewise for Johnson, his 10 catches mattered very little in the outcome. 

The stakes are much higher this time around. Pittsburgh is already down one AFC game, and have a string of two more of those critical playoff tiebreakers to come before a break in the NFC. 

The Church of Latter Day Rooneys says "win and they've defeated a pivotal playoff contender, on the road, no less. 

Lose, though, and you're staring down the bullet of a loaded One-And-Two mark in the conference, facing pretty close to a must-win game in Week 5.


  • They will not let this game hinge on Andre Johnson's ability to make plays. That will not end well for Pittsburgh
  • By all accounts, Reliant Stadium is set up in a way not very conducive to crowd noise. Still, road games are difficult. 
  • It's a gamble, but shorter routes mixed in with a few knockout punches to Wallace deep might just be the cure to solving the problems protecting the edge. 


Who Wants It?

Brother Rashard Mendenhall should take this game personally. It's time for him to step up. He wasn't even on the field with the game on the line at Indianapolis, and he's in a contract year. That better be a wake-up call. The Church does not care what the offensive line is doing, running hard cures most ills. 

Today's your day, Brother Rashard. Make it happen. We bless thee. 

Song Of Choice

The Church has long since leaned on one particular song for road games. "Celtic Sympony," originally written by the WolfeTones for Glasgow Celtic Football Club in Scotland, provides an up tempo beat, steady rhythm and lyrics that make you feel like you're a part of the winning fight. 

Wild Colonial Bhoys have a version of "Celtic Symphony," and yes, The Church is putting in some pub for Brother Adam Coolong's band. It's still highly recommended. 

"Here we go again/we're on the road again/we're on the road again, we're on our way to paradise/we love the jungle deep/that's where the lion sleeps/and then those evil eyes, they have no place in paradise/graffiti on the wall just as the sun was going down/I see graffiti  on the wall OF THE CELTS! OF THE CELTS! graffiti  on the wall that says we're magic! We're magic! graffiti  on the wall..."


May the appearance of this game that's very similar to the trip to Arizona in 2007 be only that; an appearance. 

May the challenge set before us away from our home land provide us the strength and courage to kick the tar out of their offense, and provide enough time for our offense to dissect their secondary like a skilled surgeon. 

May Brother Ben live by the adage of great CEOs everywhere: Take what's there, just do not take a loss. 

May Brother LaMarr Woodley show up, like he did in 2008, when he announced his presence in the NFL with authority (1 pick, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery). 

May the hard work from the Brothers Offensive Linemen produce noticeable results, the kinds we hope and pray for from them. 

May the inevitable fine at least one Steeler is sure to get be even more fuel to the Us Against The World fire.