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Sunday Morning Sermon: Final Thoughts on Week 7 Steelers at Cardinals

All raise a Terrible Towel for Brother Aaron, and join The Church in honoring his legacy. Words cannot accurately describe the contributions of the man who is aptly described as "underrated" most of his career. 

Today, we begin to see the future direction of the Pittsburgh Steelers. No Aaron Smith, no James Harrison, no Chris Hoke. We've seen these three players in some combination on the field for every glorious Sunday for 10 years. 

  • We do not fear change; we embrace it as an opportunity to create a new legacy
  • The Arizona Cardinals believe the "Steelers Of Old" are gone, and they're going to run the ball frequently. 
  • Brother Mike Wallace is likely already drooling over what could be, statistically, a monster game
  • That loss in 2007 still rings in the heads of many of Church-goers. Some memories do not die. 
Who Wants It?

The Church's resident Astute-istician, Rebecca Rollett, made notes of Brother Steve McLendon's anxiety issues, and makes a comparison to Limas Sweed

What she left out, though, is Brother Steve has yet to drop a touchdown pass, something that no doubt contributed to Brother Limas's mental issues. Let that serve as faith in you, Brother Steve, odds aren't good you will be asked to catch a touchdown pass for the team today. Instead, you'll be asked to plug gaps, stunt outside, occupy guards and tackle ball carriers. 

In other words, you're doing things you've been doing for the better part of your life. We believe in you, Brother Steve, believe in yourself. Go wreck someone today. 

Song Of Choice

The Church needs instant amplification today. Our Sound Technicians went the Classic direction. 

Metallica's "Fuel" (and shhh...don't tell Lars we're talking about this) powers an energy-releasing vibe, complete with the requisite amount of catchy yell-able lyrics. Visions of monster motorcycles and burning chrome always fit the bill, and all Steelers - players and fans - are seeing red this afternoon. 

"Turn on, I see red/Adrenaline crash and crack my head/Nitro junkie, paint me dead/And I see red"


May the Ghosts of Steelers players - both a part of our team and on the other side - help ease the transition from old to new. 

May Brother Ike stable the Thoroughbred in Red, otherwise known as "Larry Fitzgerald."

May all the Steelers fans invading Steelers West Stadium bring the heat from outside and eliminate any alleged home field advantage for our gracious hosts. 

May The Experimental OLB Version of Brother Lawrence end peacefully today, and he be allowed to return to his rightful place on the inside. 

May Brother Ben control his powerful arm, and get passes down the field with laser-precision. Brother Mike is hungry, and he eats 20+ yards down the field.