Time for the Steelers to look into the Mirror.

I read everything about the Steelers I can, but have never wrote anything or commented on the web.  Today is very different for a Steelers fan of over 35 years.  Pittsburgh has always been about hard work a real blue collar team but with that comes the ability to stand up and take responsibility for mistakes and stop making them.  Not that it will make much difference but I have several questions that have been bothering me for sometime so I will share them.


First I want everyone to realize that I am not pretending to be an expert, a couch coach, just a fan that has been very confused for awhile, just not this season.  I will not spend much time talking about the O-Line that is very easy to see, Ben needs time for a play to materialize, everyone has assignments and the entire line is not making the grade consistently or even showing up for class.  This group right now is pretty well made up of rookie and second team guys, they should be hungry to show why they belong on the first team but instead it looks like they were happier just getting by with just maybe dressing for the game.  Ben its OK to look at your O-line and say "is someone going to step up", you cant always lead with pats on the back, sometime you need to push hard, they are big boys and should be able to handle it.

Running Backs:

I only get to watch the game, the coaching staff has the ability to watch hours of tape analyzing there players on an individual basis.  That is why I cannot understand why someone has not grabbed hold of Rashard and said "Just Hit The Hole"  He dances his way out of position, no burst to the hole, and second guesses each and every step he makes.  As for Moore and Redman, great job guys you run the direction your supposed to and make every effort to move the chain's.  For the way Rashard is running I have no clue as to why both are not getting more reps.

Remaining Offense:

To all the wide receivers, which I believe we have a great group, pay attention Ben has no pocket so pull some of those routes short to help him have a quick outlet, you guys know line is not doing anything to help him. 

Offensive Coaching:

I have never been a great fan of "Bruce" or his play calling like the dreaded quick out pass that is used more often then any other play with little or no result on a regular basis.  What really baffles me though is over the last 2 games in Indy and Texas when it was well apparent that Ben was going to be rushed hard every play why did we not revert to a no huddle offense to keep the defensive ends on there heals just a little, especially at the Indy game!


Now For The Defense:

First I want to say that I do not believe that our defense is Old but I will say that the line is being pushed around, cut blocked opening big holes and maybe its just me but I do not see the same usual defensive fire in anyones eyes on the field. As is evident with no pressure on the QB Sunday, Turnover's are one thing that usually happens because of pressure, bad throws and sack fumbles but it all starts with attack on or even close to the QB. 

Front Three:

Push back and fill the holes, make the other team double team you as to release the linebackers to fill holes or get pressure.  Ziggy Hood  was very impressive for me last year but seems a little off is speed and strenght this year. 

Line Backers:

Put the fear back into the opposing team, currently you cannot just walk onto the field and let the opposing tackles spread you out.  Remember the Steelers defense has always and will always be about our linebackers.

Defensive Backs:

Overall I think that our secondary has been doing very well compared to last year, especially with the lack of pressure we have been placing on the quarterbacks.  Even William Gay has been generally holding his own when he has needed to.  We have been lacking that pressure on the corner blitz though.  As a fan of "Troy"  I feel he is still the play maker on defense but has been caught in some bad positions on the field where a play could not be made no matter what his skills.  I am not sure if its just bad luck just timing of either a little late or a little early, I guess it could be a little of both.

Defensive Coaching:

Dick Lebeau, what else can be said, even if you are not a Steelers fan, you have to respect him and his coaching, if you are a Steeler fan he is the Defense God.  With that being said I do feel he is holding back and being much more conservative this year with play calling and I am not sure why, maybe that has something to do with why our secondary is doing better because of extra middle protection, not really sure but I would like to see on a series or 2 and little of that patented "QB Pressure".

Head Coach:

I firmly believe that Tomlin is a great young coach and believes in his players and team.  But as I said before with Ben, It is ok sometimes to put your foot up someones rear.  If you need a little help on how it is done to get you point across and still have players respect, call up Bill Cowher he can give you a few pointers.

Special Teams:

If it was not for the NFL change on kickoff placement I feel that Antonio Brown would have a few TD's under his belt.  On both sides of special teams is going well, minus the blocked FG attempt yesterday, and a few missed FG's.  Tackles have been much better and our punting when needed looks good.

Final Thought:

There needs to be a step up by everyone, players, coaches, staff, etc.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself if I am doing the very best I can do, if not take responsibility and give it your all.


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