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Sunday Sermon: Ward, Farrior Out In Week 8 vs. Patriots

Almost seven years to the day, some Alumni of The Church faced the same Patriots team on the same field. They played with the power of The Church behind them, and they kicked four kinds of hair product out of Tom Brady and broke the Patriots mighty 18-game regular season winning streak (and 21-game overall streak). 

Brother Ben was under center that day. As we continue moving into Future Steelers territory (neither Brother Farrior nor Brother Hines will play today), we must call on strength from the days of old to help vanquish an opponent who's long since been our tormentor. 

  • As our Beloved Steelers continue their forward transition into the Future Steelers, we do battle with a team experiencing much of the same metamorphosis. 
  • But it's still Tom Brady. It's still Bill Belichick. It's still the Patriots. They'll find a way to stop Pittsburgh's passing game. Won't they? WON'T they? (The Church shakes head left to right)
  • Conserve your energy, the All Respect Week culminates with the might Patriots, but right after that, it's Ravens/Steelers Week. Get yo' hate on. 

Who Wants It?

Today's the day for Brother Ben and Young Money to pull a Nuke LaLoosh and announce their presence with authority. It appears Bill Belichick is messing with the heads of everyone in the NFL, releasing veteran CB Leigh Bodden a day before placing promising rookie Ras-I Dowling on Injured-Reserve. 

Short of re-activating Ty Law and Rodney Harrison, it's unclear, exactly what Belichick intends to do about a severely shallow secondary, but it's equally unclear if he even has to do anything. Devin McCourty, Kyle Arrington and something called Antwaun Molden will go at cornerback for the Pats, and who's to say that's not the next Law or Asante Samuels?

The Church has found these things to be true; Bill Belichick is able to pull defensive backs from the inner workings of sewers in downtown Boston, and his moves always seem to show reason later, if not immediately.

But Brother Ben and Young Money care not for the coverage problems of others. Today's the day they announce their presence.  

Song of Choice

It's overplayed now, and kind of corny, but since when does The Church play anything current? Dropkick Murphys "Shippin' Up To Boston" isn't topical, being that the game is in Pittsburgh, but that song, whether we like it or not, is linked permanently with the New England Patriots. The Church feels it has Anti Power today, and listening to it's raw power and shouted lyrics will focus everyone on the one unmistakable source of anger all Steelers fans have; the fact Pittsburgh has won two rings since New England last won theirs, yet, it's clear and obvious who everyone's favorite team still is. 

"I'm shippin' up...To Find MY WOODEN LEG!"



  • May the youth of the SteelerNation rise to the big stage. 
  • May the secondary recognize the Patriots tight ends going to the corner post. 
  • May Brothers Ben and Mike recognize when the deep ball is available, and especially when it is not. 
  • May this game not define our season, but rather, serve as a springboard into the much more important second run of eight games, and beyond.