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Mike Wallace Watch: Steelers WR has 100-Yards Receiving Game Streak Snapped at Six

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Mounting injuries, a troubling loss to level the record at 2-2, and the end to Mike Wallace's streak of regular season games with at least 100 yards receiving. Talk about a forgettable week for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though Wallace failed to eclipse the century mark in a regular season contest for the first time since last December, he did enough statistically for us to keep our season-long watch of his quest for single-season statistical greatness going. Let's take a look at where Wallace stands through Week 4 of the 2011 NFL season.

Week 1 @ BAL 8 107 13.38 0
 Week 2  vs SEA 8 126 15.75 1
Week 3 @ IND 5 144 28.8 1
Week 4 @ HOU 4 77 19.25 0

25 454 18.16 2

100 1,816 18.16 8


Still very impressive stuff at the quarter pole. Of course, Wallace is not the only WR making a big splash statistically. Wes Welker seems like even more of a legitimate threat to rewrite the record books this year, and knowing the Patriots, they'll make sure he gets there if he's somewhere in the ballpark heading into the final few games of the season. Steve Smith of Carolina has also roared out to a fast start thanks to Cam Newton looking his way early and often. So, seems like we should track how some of the league's top WR's are doing as well each week. What good is any sort of record if it is shoved to the back burner by someone else across the league? Let's take a look. 

2011 WR Leaders (through Week 4)

Receiving Yards:

  1. Wes Welker -- 616
  2. Steve Smith -- 530
  3. Mike Wallace -- 454
  4. Vincent Jackson -- 374
  5. Jimmy Graham -- 364


  1. Wes Welker -- 40
  2. Jason Witten -- 27
  3. Darren Sproles, Roddy White, Jeremy Maclin, Matt Forte -- 26
  4. Mike Wallace, Andre Johnson, Greg Jennings, Mike Tolbert -- 25