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Set Aside Five Minutes To Take SB Nation Survey, Help Transitional Services of Western Pennsylvania With Our Collective Participation

Sorry y'all. I accidentally deleted my original story about this. It's important enough to me though to re-post, so here goes. Please, please consider taking the few short minutes to fill this out if you've enjoyed the site for a long time, or are a newer reader who likes what they see and plans to stick around. It's for your benefit, but it also would hopefully allow a nice donation to be made on behalf of our community to a fine charity in the western Pennsylvania region that could definitely benefit from any and all financial help. The Children's Hospital is great, no doubt about it, but there's other places that need Steeler Nation's support as well! Sorry for the re-post; honest error. You'll be getting another reminder though from me before the October 7th deadline to complete :)

-Michael B. -

Hey everyone. SB Nation would very much like to hear your opinions and feedback on the user experience on this site. We are always trying to improve user experiences, navigation and brand integrations and your feedback is valuable in this process. All responses will be kept confidential and the entire process will only take a few minutes. Also, as incentive to participate, for the 3 SB Nation sites with the highest percentage of completed surveys, SB Nation will make a $500 donation to the charity of our choice, in our name. I have selected a great organization that Mike Silverstein (Homer J.) introduced me to several years ago called Transitional Services, which helps individuals with developmental disabilities live productive and rewarding lives. Take the survey for your own benefit and for those at Transitional Services!

Many thanks!