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Five Burning Questions: Can and Will the Steelers Rebound in Week 5 against Tennessee?

These questions come courtesy of Hombre de Acero. Many thanks to him for the good list of questions, and thanks to you all in advance for chiming in. - Michael B. -

Update: I had question No. 4 wrong, so please note the change. Thanks.


  1. Regardless of whether John Stephen's breakdown of Rashard Mendenhall's rushing attempts in Week 4 tells the whole story or not, at the end of the day its all about results and Issac Redman has been doing better. Does he deserve a shot a starting?

  2. Its been said that the Nose Tackle is the fulcrum around which the success of the 3-4 defense rises or falls. Based on what you've seen, do you think Casey Hampton is losing a step?

  3. The leaky 2002 Steelers secondary forced Tim Lewis de-emphasize pressure in favor of coverage. On paper the defense improved, but it was seen has having been softer. Can we say something similar as a foot 4 games into 2011 with respect to the "improvement" of the Steelers pass defense.

  4. During the 4th quarter Hines Ward was going up for a ball and got KOed which caused an incompletion. Had James Harrison, Ryan Clark, or any other Steeler made that hit would it have drawn a flag and a fine?

  5. Based on your elevator encounter with Dan Rooney (see last week's question), you're named coach for the Titans game. Even if the Dr. clears Ben to play, would you be tempted to keep Ben on the bench just to preserve his health?