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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Moving on From a Bleak First-Quarter of the 2011 Season Edition

A real quick six pack to start your Friday. Happy Friday by the way. Not much time here so let's get to it.

IX - Here's your NFL Week 5 TV Distribution Map. Unless you live in certain parts of the Midwest, Denver Broncos Country, or most of California, looks like this game will be showed locally.

X - Remember when I wrote about LaMarr Woodley this week and poorly he's played to start the 2011 season? Well, I hadn't yet had time to break down the film this thoroughly, but it's even worse than I thought. The Texans weren't even bothering using a tackle on Woodley on the vast majority of plays last week. We talked about this topic in the most recent Terrible Towel Talk episode. Will he be able to turn things around this weekend against a very solid Titans offensive line?

XIII - I was asked on a Titans podcast about this, and then we talked about it ourselves here on BTSC's new podcast -- will Rashard Mendenhall see many carries this Sunday? He's dealing with a hamstring injury and should probably be shut down. But quite frankly, the injury doesn't seem too serious, so I imagine Mendy has been pining to suit up. We'll see what happens. That seems to be the same approach Isaac Redman is taking with the situation. He's ready to go if called upon

XIV - I've been doing quite a bit of writing at SB Nation Pittsburgh lately. You might consider subscribing to my posts elsewhere around the network actually, as I'm working a fixed number of hours each week on there providing news-y updates. Or don't. I'll try to do a better job of cross-posting some of the stuff I'm publishing there that I think you all might enjoy, Thankfully you all take care of much of the fast-paced news item stuff for us here on BTSC in the fanposts and comments section. Really, it's quite incredible how quickly one of y'all mentions whatever 'breaking' story there is about the team.

That's why I don't waste too much time with that stuff and instead try to round up as much thought provoking editorializing from great writers each week as possible. Anyway, I thought I'd at least let you know that I'm providing some of that stuff, just on one of SB Nation's other sites where more timely posting about the news cycle is favored compared to here where there's so much great dialogue and regular, well-conceived features. To give you an example, in this 'stream' of posts about the Steelers Week 5 matchup against the Titans, you'll see a number of updates from me -- injury related, team stats at the 1/4 pole of the '11 season, facts and figures for both teams leading up to Sunday's game, and probably a few other things sprinkled in. 

XLV - Friday is the last day to take the SB Nation survey I've mentioned on several occasions this week. I appreciate those of you who have taken the five minutes to complete it. For real. I have no idea what the standings are at this point, but who knows, we do have a big community here, so maybe if a number of us have the time to take it on Friday, we might have a chance to be one of the three sites with the most participants. If we were, a $500 donation would be given to Transitional Services in the site's name. You can find a link to the survey by reading my original post about this, which for some of you might be useful if you're asking what in the hell I'm talking about.

XLVIII - I'm leaving this last one open to you all, Pixburgh Arn style. Share any timely news stories from Friday morning with the rest of us, or anything else that you think we might enjoy or find informative heading into the weekend.

No link, but don't forget to set your fantasy teams or enter your picks in the BTSC Pick 'Em League or whatever other pools or contest you're still a part of. 

I know a few of you had wanted to join the site's Pick 'Em League the last few weeks. Sorry that we didn't relay on the password to the private league. It's BTSC.

You of course have no chance at competing for the $75 cash prize awarded to the winner -- you're too far behind for that. But don't let that stop you from joining the fun and seeing what kind of ground you can make up this next 12 weeks. 

Be blessed; have great weekends. Go Steelers!

-Michael B.-