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Raiders Owner Al Davis Dead At Age 82

The Oakland Raiders web site is reporting owner Al Davis has died at age 82. 

The site, which has an entire page in black and silver making the announcement, says a statement from the "Raiders Family" will be issued later today. 


Davis, a highly influential member of the NFL for several decades, was the commissioner of the AFL before the merger with the NFL.  He was hired as the coach and general manager of the Raiders at age 33 before becoming commissioner. 

Against the merger, Davis believed the AFL was the better product, and ended up resigning his post as commissioner. After that, he purchased a 10 percent stake in the Oakland Raiders. 

The Raiders became a dominant team in the 70s, with Davis coining the phrase "Just Win, Baby," something spoken in Raiders circles to this day. 

He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1992 by his former coach, John Madden.