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Sunday Morning Sermon: Final Thoughts on Titans at Steelers

The Church of Latter Day Rooneys doesn't encourage holding grudges. 

Some grudges, though, hold themselves to us, not by our choice, but by our enemies. 

Curse of the Terrible Towel - KDKA (via IanKatSam)

No one advised former Titans RB LenDale White to take a Terrible Towel (or its approximate) out and throw it on the ground after the Titans won their all-important regular season championship belts in 2008. No one suggested LB Keith Bulluck should join in, or former Titans DE Jevon Kearse to do the same. 

Perhaps fate penciled the word "former" in front of all three of their names, to be earned as a full designation barely even one season from 2008. 


  • We will never forget this. 
  • We must stand in unison, giving the entire Titans franchise a double-barrel salute of Terrible Towels, the revered symbol of our team. 
  • It reminds us of all of a time that was once physical, and could be again. 
  • If they want a street fight, let's give them one.


Who Wants It? 

Today, the Steelers defense uses a weapon to which it is unaccustomed. Instead of brute force and quickness off the defensive edge, it will be sheer speed. Brother Lawrence Timmons is about to redefine the outside linebacker position in the 3-4. Maybe he plays it a bit wider than Brother James has. Maybe he looks to anticipate that snap count, like the dominant 4-3 ends, and instead of instilling the fear of the sound of cracking pads into the tackle, he'll give him the sound of whistling air as he blows past him, into QB Matt Hasselbeck. 

If the league doesn't understand how fast Brother Lawrence is, today's the day they're going to learn it. There's the bell. School's in session. 

Song of Choice

The Church is prepared for the aforementioned street fight. The Church has often cited Rocky as the best sports movie ever made. There was one Rocky, then there were five other knockoffs that, while entertaining at times, fall short. Rocky was a street fighter. He was the cliche Back-Against-The-Wall Hero. 

He's our hero today. It is him we shall emulate. Three 6 Mafia's "It's A Fight" from "Rocky Balboa" is definitely no "Gonna Fly Now." It is harsh, angry and intense. It provides a sense of controlled rage, perfect for a game like this: 

Three 6 Mafia - It's A Fight (Best of Rocky 6) (via lbl4eVeR)

"I'm the man there's no defeating/The ground you will be eating/I'm razor sharp non stop this is easy/Put em out da game like his name is Milli Vanilli"


May Brother Sean Kugler lean on the vast experience he has with line replacements and find the strength to bring them together. 

May Brother Lawrence and Brother LaMarr hit as if they won't care if they get fined. 

May Brothers James Farrior and Larry Foote find swiftness in their feet and clarity in their eyes. 

May Brother Rashard's hamstring be healed enough to play well, and if not, may he be a source of confidence for Brother Isaac's first career start. 

May Steelers fans throughout The Church wave their Terrible Towels proudly and aggressively, on this, the game Anniversary of The Curse. May we remember The Stomp, and the motivation all rallied around after it.