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Terrible Towel Talk Episode 10: Steelers-Patriots Recap

If you didn't listen to Bill Priatko join the podcast last week, good news: looks like you'll have a chance to do so every week for the remainder of the season, including this week. Mr. Priatko, who you can read about here and here, joined me and Dave Villiotti to talk about the Steelers' 25-17 win over the New England Patriots

For an 80-year old, he's sharp as a whip, and his stories and commentary about the game are great. A former NFL player himself, Priatko stays tuned in to the game these days through his close friendship with Dick LeBeau, and by being around the team quite a bit I'm discovering. He has personal stories about Aaron Smith, Brett Keisel, Ryan Mundy, Sean Kugler and Carnell Lake. And that's just in the first two weeks of talking shop with him. Very fortunate and pleased to have him involved with the still-young podcast.

Unsurprisingly, there are some technical issues, namely my call dropping twice over the course of the hour, and some choppiness in the first 10 minutes, but it smooths out for the remainder of the program. Thanks for listening!

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