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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Past and Present Edition

IX - Despite being in third place in the AFC North, the Steelers are still over a 60 percent favorite to make the playoffs according to the simulations done by Football Outsiders. Of course, with the loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football in Week 9, their odds of winning the North are currently not great. But lots of football still to be played, and it's not as if Baltimore has done a great job at taking care of business against lesser competition each week in 2011.

X - On this day in 1973, Jack Sell of the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette wrote about the Steelers opportunity at securing back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in over a decade.

XIII - John Clayton has published his 2011 NFL midseason report including his Super Bowl matchup prediction.

XIV - Hey, we're of course frustrated by last Sunday's loss to the Ravens. But remember, things could always be worse. Much, much worse.

XL - A short but sweet video featuring the hard-hitting secondary of the Steelers in the 1970s.

XLIII - And last but not least, the latest in ESPN's 'It's Not Crazy, It's Sports' series featuring the Terrible Towel.