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Terrible Towel Talk Episode 13, Jim Wexell Interview

Many thanks to Jim Wexell for taking some time from his Thursday evening to speak to Neal Coolong and I for Episode 13 of Terrible Towel Talk. Wexell fielded questions from us about the unique way he goes about reporting, the benefits of not working for a paper but still having full access to the team through his affiliation with Steelers Digest, the re-release of his popular book Men of Steel, the injury status of several key players leading up to the Steelers' Week 10 road matchup in Cincinnati, and some stories about the Polamalu family and Antonio Brown that were just what you expect to hear when you have a conversation with Jim.

Good stuff as always and many thanks to him for joining and to you all who tuned in live. Here's the episode for those interested.


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Download mp3 of Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 13: Jim Wexell Interview