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Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisbger has a Broken Thumb on His Throwing Hand

Step away from the ledge, because Ben says he is going to play with the injury and he will not miss the game week 12. The injury happened during the third quarter of the Bengals game. When asked when exactly it happened, Ben said he did not recall. Apparently, that thumb has been a problem for Ben for his entire career. He has had to wear a protective sleeve over it in previous seasons. That would probably explain why he wears a glove sometimes, despite it not being cold out.

Just when we thought the Steelers had gotten out of a game with no injuries, we get this news. The Steelers just cannot win with injuries this year. Luckily for the Steelers, he has an extra week to rest his thumb with the upcoming bye. I expect he will be the same old gritty Big Ben we know when the Steelers roll into Kansas City on November 27th.