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5 Burning Questions: Patriot Games and Ravens Revenge Edition

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The Steelers victory over the New England Patriots was one of the most remarkable and impressive regular season wins of the Mike Tomlin era. Yet, despite the milestone moment, the victory still managed to usher in as many questions as it did answer about the team and its chances moving forward, beginning with this Sunday's home matchup with the Baltimore Ravens

Here is your is 5 Burning Questions Patriot Games-Quoth the Raven Edition:

1. Seven weeks into the season, the Steelers led the NFL in passing defense. But many, yours truly included, were skeptical of the defense being as good as the stats suggested because of the mediocre quarterbacks they'd faced. After disarming the Patriots' passing attack for the better part of Sunday, now do you believe?

2. Shaun Suisham's first kickoff was horrible, but it did land in bounds, only to have the defender watch it roll out. Do you agree with penalizing a kicker even if kickoff returners to allow fieldable balls to roll out of bounds? (And since you'll comment on this anyway, should the Steelers make a switch at the kicker position?)

3. Let's assume that Jason Worilds practices this week and is healthy enough to play on Sunday, and that James Harrison, James Farrior and LaMarr Woodley are out as is expected.  Which linebackers do you play and where? Justify your choices.

4. The victory over the Patriots potentially represents a watershed moment for the Steelers passing attack. Does the fact that they were so efficient and successful sans the services of Hines Ward make it all the more remarkable or does it mean that Mike Tomlin should ask the franchise leading receiver to relinquish his starting spot?

5. After such an emotional win over the Patriots have the Steelers set themselves up for a let down vs. the Ravens? Why or why not?