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Gresham, Dickson Look To Factor In AFC North Showdown

It's the Game of the Week in the AFC North - Cincinnati at Baltimore. Our brethren at Baltimore Beatdown and Cincy Jungle are gearing up on their forums for the battle in approximately 75 minutes. 

We're gonna get in on the fun, considering this game has ramifications on what looks like a down-to-the-wire divisional battle. 

In that light, we're going to go with two Sleepers in this one - Cincinnati's Jermaine Gresham and Baltimore's Ed Dickson. 

Both of them appear to be on the verge of the upper tier of their position. Young, athletic, both are in the mold of the New Tight End in the NFL. What's more, with both quarterbacks facing a tough defense, the old adage of the tight end being the quarterback's best friend will be on display in Baltimore. 

Pittsburgh was able to limit Gresham's touches in a win last week, but it wasn't easy. Dickson has 40 catches and three touchdowns on the season, while Gresham hasn't caught less than four passes in a game this year. 

Gresham missed some time with a hamstring injury, but played last week and is expected to go today. 

Cincinnati has beaten Baltimore three of their last four meetings, and their defense has often given Ravens QB Joe Flacco fits. Baltimore has a chip on its shoulder after losing a tough road game at Seattle last week. Expect both tight ends to be big parts of each team's offense today.