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Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 15: Steelers, Penn State, Coach K and Mike Brown

Lots covered in last night's episode of Terrible Towel Talk. Once again Bill Priatko and his former high school player, Dave Villiotti, joined me to talk Steelers and a spattering of other topics. In this week's episode, I followed up my questions last week about Joe Paterno and the Penn State sex scandal with a few more questions about the media coverage of the sordid mess, Franco Harris' recent comments in support of Paterno, and if he thinks his good friend Tom Bradley should be named the new head coach on more than just an interim basis.

That segwayed into a conversation about Coach Mike Kryzyzewski and the interesting story Priatko had of how they met. There was the standard talk about his close friend Dick LeBeau. and finally, Priatko shared stories of his relationship with Paul Brown and his son Mike.

All that of course compliments some good old fashioned Steelers conversation, as well as the other happenings around the NFL in Week 11 while the Steelers enjoyed their bye week. As always, thanks for listening. We'll have another episode for you later this week with Mike Silverstein (aka Homer J.), and hopefully Dale Lolley on sometime soon.

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Download mp3 of Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 15 (Length: 70 minutes)