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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Steelers Survive In Sloppy Week 12 Win

IX -Dale Lolley filed his postgame Steelers - Chiefs notes Monday afternoon. Good stuff from him this week for sure.

X -Thankfully it appears as if Troy Polamalu will be able to play next Sunday when the Steelers host the Bengals in Week 13. Polamalu left Sunday night's game in the first quarter after taking a knee to his head while making a tackle on a nearly 300 pound Chiefs tackle who was eligible as a pass-catching TE.

XIII - I'll point to this again later on Tuesday afternoon, but Episode 16 of Terrible Towel Talk was recorded Monday night. Bill Priatko and Dave Villiotti joined me as they have done for the past month and a half, but I was also pleased to welcome on to the program someone who I hope will become a regular fixture of the site's podcasts -- Mike Silverstein, aka Homer J. Silverstein and I talk fairly regularly in the first place, and it's only right we carry over some of those conversations on to the program. He's certainly a great story teller, a Pittsburgh native with a rich catalog of memories and history to reflect on, and a damn good football mind to boot. Unsurprisingly, there was a technical error at the very end of the episode where we got cut off prior to me getting to hear one of the three's final thoughts on next weekend's pivotal game against Cincinnati. I suppose if a glitch is going to happen, might as well happen 90 minutes in rather than in the beginning or middle stages of the conversation.

XIV - Wes Saunders, the undrafted free agent rookie out of South Carolina who scored the game's only touchdown on an impressive back-of-the-endzone snag in the second quarter, joined Tunch & Wolf on 970 ESPN Monday to talk about the Steelers' win over the Chiefs and his first career NFL TD. Also of note was his comments about how he probably benefited from the lockout, as it ended just as he felt like he had recovered from surgery in April. Color me impressed by the young man after listening to this.

XL - Amazing we haven't seen a head coach get fired yet this year. It's just a matter of time though, and assistant coaches across the league are making their case as to why they're deserving of an opportunity when jobs inevitably open up in the near to intermediate future.

XLIII - A good Monday Morning Quarterback column this week from Peter King, and an interesting interview he did with Roger Goodell last week worth listening to. Among other topics, Goodell acknowledges that Dan Rooney has expressed an interest in bringing the Steelers over to Ireland to play a regular season game sometime int he future.