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Five Burning Questions: Steelers Escape Arrowhead, Set up Showdown with Cincinnati Edition

The Steelers performance at Arrowhead Stadium had more of an escape quality to it than that of a victory. The bright side of it is that is that it's given us plenty of combustion to fuel our "5 Burning Questions."

  1. After the Chiefs game Casey Hampton down played the closeness of the contest and asserted "You know, when we get it all together, it's going to be scary." Do you agree with Hampton's "scary" comment or do games like the Escape at Arrowhead merely scare you?

  2. A few weeks ago yours truly asked Gerry Dulac on PG Plus if the Steelers might be skirting NFL rules by diagnosing "concussion like symptoms" and Dulac said in no uncertain terms that the Steelers would never do that. Now, Mike Florio is suggesting that the Steelers are in fact being deceptive. Who do you believe?

  3. Leaving concussion vs. concussion-like symptoms nuances aside, Troy Polamalu's head injuries are mounting. Do you agree with ESPN that he should be considering retirement?

  4. Our much beloved Michael Bean took Emmanuel Sanders to task for his lackluster kickoff returns. However, Sanders averaged 25 yards and change last year returning kicks, far better than his 18 yard and change Sunday night. Two weeks readers suggested that the absence of Arnaz Battle was the real cause for the slipping of the Steelers kick coverage units. So is what ailed the Steelers kickoff units other than the presence of Sanders or the absence of Battle?

  5. So, if Arnaz Battle is healthy next week and dresses, does that make Hines Ward a healthy scratch?

Have at it folks. Remember, unlike high school spelling and punctuation mean nothing -- its only your ideas that count!