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Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 16: Steelers-Chiefs Recap, NFL Week 12 Breakdown

We went for a good 90 minutes before being unexpectedly shut down Monday night. Bill Priatko and Dave Villiotti joined me once again, and I was pleased to also welcome Mike Silverstein (Homer J.) to the conversation at about the 45 minute mark. Silverstein, Neal Coolong and I (and perhaps Adam Coolong) will all be talking on Friday about the Steelers' Week 13 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals, and about the Coolong family's rich and unique ties to some of the city's most celebrated sports figures dating back to Roberto Clemente. Should be a fun conversation. Monday night's chat was equally fun. For me at least. The Steelers 13-9 win over the Chiefs on Sunday night was, of course, the primary topic of conversation. But like always, I wandered around some with my questions to make sure I got at least a few unique insights from Priatko, Dave's always solid take on the NFL landscape, and this week at least, Silverstein's unique brand of commentary about the topics du jour in Steeler Nation.

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