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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Help the Polamalus Tackle Poverty Edition


IX - I can't tell you how much junk email I get from marketers, pathetically doomed start ups, etc. Really, I can't. Most goes into the trash folder as quickly as it arrives. But when I saw a message from one Theodora Polamalu this weekend, my ears perked up, excited that this might actually be an inquiry worth paying attention to. And of course, after realizing that the email was not spam, I hoped to read at the end that it was in fact signed by Troy himself. 

Anyway, I'm pleased to do my small part to help the Polamalu family in their most recent charitable endeavor -- a fundraising campaign to help 'Tackle Poverty'. Read about how you can get involved in the campaign and earn Troy Polamalu signed prizes, and even Steelers tickets, along the way.  After doing a little bit of reading about Mrs. Polamalu, it's clear how incredibly smart and passionate a person she is. I certainly was impressed by her accomplishments (before she met her husband as well, mind you). I imagine many Pittsburgh residents have gotten a first hand glimpse of her and Troy's wonderful commitment to service.

X - Here's your NFL Week 9 TV Distribution Map for the early and late games while we wait for the Steelers-Ravens matchup on Sunday Night Football.

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XIII - Looks like Emmanuel Sanders will be a no-go on Sunday as he mourns the passing of his mother, not tends to some discomfort in his knee.

XIV - Nice piece from Pittsburgh Magazine author Sean Conboy about the win Mike Tomlin notched over the Bill Belichik last week. Conboy picks great topics and always tells a good story. 

XL - It's not just Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata that the Steelers offensive line needs to worry about. In his third season with the Ravens, DE Paul Kruger has become a disruptive force that has played a sizable role in the Ravens registering 24 sacks in their first seven games of the 2011 season.

XLIII - A most Happy Friday indeed. Benstonium has released a new video in time for the Steelers rematch with the Ravens. The Benstonium crew is on a roll combining movie trailer motifs with awesome highlights, with the latest combining elements of the new movie 'Immortals' with clips from the Steelers and Ravens rivalry. Outstanding as always.

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