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Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 11: Ravens Rematch Edition

Neal Coolong and I were joined by special operations officer Kevin (last name redacted) last night to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 9 rematch with the Baltimore Ravens. Stationed somewhere in the depths of Iraq, Kevin joined us at around 4:00 am his time to break down the matchup, talk about how the Steelers can survive this Sunday without the services of LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison, tour the rest of the Week 9 NFL games, hand out our midseason 'awards', and look briefly ahead to Pittsburgh's Week 10 matchup with the Bengals in Cincinnati.

Many thanks to Kevin for his service and for joining us for a fun 60 minutes.

Listen to an mp3 of Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 11

Listen here to TTT, Episode 11 on BlogTalkRadio