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Woodley Out, Harrison Probable, Sepulveda Joins Them On Injury Report

It won't come as a shock to anyone to learn LaMarr Woodley was declared out of Pittsburgh's Week 9 showdown with Baltimore. 

It's perhaps something of a surprise to learn James Harrison is listed as Probable, meaning he has better than a 50/50 chance of playing. 

Steelers P Dan Sepulveda being listed as Questionable with a knee injury, though, comes as a surprise. 

The Steelers placed Sepulveda on the injured list Friday, citing a knee injury. Reports indicate it is the knee he's torn ACLs in twice previously. It last happened in Week 12 against Baltimore, and K Shaun Suisham had to finish off the game. 

It's pure speculation to suggest Sepulveda may have a more significant injury than the Steelers are leading on. It would be outside the realm of sportsmanship for the Steelers to know Sepulveda has a torn ACL and will not be able to play Sunday, but list him only as Questionable. However, they are not required to rule a player out; they just have to disclose the player, give a general area of the injury and list him as "Out," "Doubtful (less than 25 percent chance)," "Questionable (50/50 chance)," or "Probable (75 percent chance)." 

Without reading into the situation too deeply, it could simply be common wear-and-tear he's taken on through eight games. They'll treat him Saturday and see how he feels Sunday. 

Suisham was his in-game replacement last year, and the Steelers may consider using him if the injury will cost him. Jeremy Kapinos was in training camp with the Steelers, but was released in favor of Sepulveda, who appeared to have no ill-effects from last season's injury through eight games. Sepulveda has a 46.1 yard average on 25 punts this season. 

WR Emmanuel Sanders was ruled out for the game with a knee injury. That injury was reported before the passing of his mother, which could also have affected his status. The injury itself is said to be minor, and he could play at Cincinnati in Week 10. 

WR Hines Ward is listed as Questionable, but is expected to play. LB James Farrior is also listed as Questionable, but many are reporting he will not play, thus graying the Questionable status even more.