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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Ravens Loss Redux Edition

IX - Mike Tomlin talked about the tough loss after the game on Sunday night. As always, Tomlin was classy and even-kieled.

X - The Baltimore Sun got an early start at posting their Week 10 Power Rankings, an exercise usually reserved for Tuesdays of each week.

XIII - In his Monday Morning Quarterback column this week, Peter King used valuable ink on this observation (h/t Frank Mineo for bringing this up to me:

You rarely see Troy Polamalu emote negatively on the field, but when Flacco threw the winning touchdown bomb to Torrey Smith, I was surprised to see Polamalu throw his arms up and act upset. All of Pittsburgh follows his lead.

I don't know what he may be referring to. The fact that Polamalu was heavily invested in the outcome of the game and expressed an outward display of frustration? It's good to not show your frustration too demonstratively out there, particularly after one of your teammates was responsible for the negative outcome, but I would be curious to hear what King is alluding to with that observation.

XIV - I had no idea that one 92-yard drive equated to a 'changing of the guard in the AFC' and a major detour for the Steelers' 2011 season. Ahh, to paint excessively black-and-white pictures about an immensely complicated game.

XL - The Steelers - Ravens matchup drew massive television ratings from coast-to-coast.

XLIII - Well that didn't take long. It's only Monday, but the Cincinnati Bengals are already beginning to chirp in advance of their Week 10 home tilt with the Steelers. Said defensive tackle Domata Peko: "We hate them and they hate us."