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Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 12: Steelers-Ravens Recap, Dick LeBeau Insights from Former Friend Bill Priatko

As they have done for the past three Mondays, I was thrilled to again speak with Bill Priatko and Dave Villiotti Monday night on Terrible Towel Talk, BTSC's new podcast. Priatko, now 80 years of age, is a former NFL player who learned under Paul Brown in Cleveland. Dick LeBeau was with the Browns at the same time, and the two have remained close friends ever since.

In our hour-long chat, the three of us spoke about the Steelers 23-20 loss to the Ravens on Sunday Night Football, looked ahead to Pittsburgh's Week 10 road tilt against the Bengals, and then gave Priatko the floor to answer some questions I had about the evolution of the game, how Dick LeBeau has evolved over the years both as a defensive mastermind and an effective communicator, instant replay's place in today's NFL, what LeBeau said to him after Sunday's loss, and other fun nuggets from a man who might be as tapped in to the Steelers organization as anybody not playing, coaching or working in some official capacity for the franchise.

Good conversation for sure.

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