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Roethlisberger to Union Exec Smith: 'Stand Up And Do Something For Our Players'

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger publicly called on NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith to "stand up and do something to protect (Steelers) players," according to Scott Brown of the Tribune Review. 

Roethlisberger's statement came in wake of a $40,000 fine on Steelers FS Ryan Clark, issued today for a hit on Ravens TE Ed Dickson in Week 9. 


Clark was reportedly angry with the fine. That may have been an understatement. 

Brown quoted Clark as saying, "Obviously (NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is) trying to prove a point, But there's nothing Goodell could tell me. I'm not even going to call (Goodell). Nothing Roger could tell me, (NFL VP) Ray Anderson. De Smith can't call me and tell me I'm wrong."

Much of the size of the fine is likely due to the fact Clark picked up a fine for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski in Week 8. After the fine, Clark said he needs to "play smarter, and not put myself in these positions." 

He's been fined $55,000 in the last two weeks. 

It seemed as if Clark led with his shoulder, but his helmet definitely made contact with Dickson's. How defenders are supposed to avoid that seems to be the main point of contention from the Steelers, as well as other defenders in the league. 

The results of any supposed intervention from Smith or the union at this point isn't likely to merit anything more than just a meeting to clarify exactly why fines are being issued. It'd be a surprise if anything more than yet another meeting to discuss the matter would occur. 

In the meantime, Steelers fans have to wonder what would happen to Clark if he hit a tight end in the helmet in Week 10 when the Bengals host the 6-3 Steelers. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Monday he expects Ravens LB Ray Lewis and Steelers LB James Harrison to also receive fines, along with Clark. As BTSC opined Monday, why wasn't a flag thrown on Lewis, and why isn't Ravens LB Jameel McClain being discussed among other candidates for fines? 

Check back for updates as we continue to follow this story