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James Harrison Suspended One Game For Week 14 Hit on Colt McCoy

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Well, earlier this morning Neal Coolong wrote that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would be setting a new precedent were he to suspend Steelers linebacker James Harrison for the concussion-inducing hit he had on Colt McCoy in last Thursday night's win over the Cleveland Browns. Not long ago, that verdict came down from the league headquarters that Harrison was in fact suspended for one game.

Scott Brown of the Tribune-Review tweets that Harrison will not be able to practice with the Steelers until one week from Tuesday. However, with the suspension coming early in the week and the Steelers not scheduled to play until next Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers, Harrison will have a chance to appeal the suspension, which he plans to do.

I'm not one to get too exercised by these types of things, but it is hard to wrap my head around the decision. Harrison, after all, hit McCoy outside of the pocket as a runner. There's also the matter of the play unfolding in a split second's time. The bottom line is Harrison clearly has a different set of rules to adhere to than the rest of his colleagues on the football field. That's got to be frustrating beyond belief for him, his teammates, his coaches, and of course, us as fans.