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Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) at San Francisco 49ers (10-3): BTSC NFL Week 15 Gameday Open Thread (1st Half)

It's just about gametime in San Francisco, and while some legends of the NFL (Jerry Rice and John Taylor for example) handle their pregame ceremonies, two great teams prepare for what looks to be a great battle of attrition in just a few minutes.

You know how the saying's a battle of know how we like those.

So does Ben Roethlisberger. He's out on the field warming up.

Beaner emailed me from the road, he likes (loves?) the Steelers in this one. I'm inclined to agree. I just feel something about this. I'm prepared to eat those words, but I think both of these offenses are going to graze on a lot of backfield grass tonight. Two great defenses doing battle, but if this comes down to playmakers, it's tough to bet against Pittsburgh.

One of San Francisco's "playmakers," former Browns WR Braylon Edwards will not play tonight. Neither will All-World LB Patrick Willis.

Talk it cheap, this one's about to get real. I've got Renegade cranked, and I'm ready to remind my neighbors the Steelers are in prime time. Log in, chat it up and let's revel in the fact inside sources are calling at least a third of the stadium is black and gold.

We're everywhere.