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Power Out at Candlestick Park, Start of Steelers at 49ers Monday Night Game Delayed

An apparent power outage at Candlestick Park in San Francisco has delayed the start of the Week 15 Steelers at 49ers game.

While it's easy to think back to the 1990 World Series earthquake, it doesn't appear anything outside of some kind of technical malfunction caused the outage.

Looking at replays, it appears a transformer blew outside the stadium. Perhaps the energy of what looks to be a great football game caused it. Perhaps not, but it does appear the lights are powering back up.

ESPN's Stuart Scott said the outage occurred at 5:19 p.m. local time, meaning it's been about 20 minutes at the time of this posting. The game has been delayed 10 minutes and counting now.

It looks like football will be played tonight, as officials are meeting with officials from both teams, and as of now, there is no word of an official start to this game.