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Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) at San Francisco 49ers (10-3): BTSC NFL Week 15 Gameday Open Thread (2nd Half)

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Power outages 2, Steelers 0.

Perhaps it was most personified by a stalled 2-minute drill that was the only real offensive production of the half.

At the same time, the 49ers have two takeaways in their own territory and are playing against a quarterback who clearly is struggling to throw the ball, and are only up 6-0.

To paraphrase Dennis Green, this game is what we thought it would be; low scoring with a lot of defense. Credit to both sides on their defensive intensity.

At this point, QB Alex Smith is making some nice throws, but has left a few on the field. The understatement of the year is that Roethlisberger has left a few out there as well (how frustrated is Mike Wallace right now?).

Barring any further power delays (which is unlikely), this one will be a battle straight through to the finish. The Steelers will kick off to start the second half. We'll be here all night if we have to, so keep the comments coming, and keep the faith.

The Steelers have won plenty of games like this.