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Contingency Plan For Possible Postponement Would Include Playing In Oakland

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Mike Tirico on ESPN got word from the NFL, and stated the contingency plan for any further delays that would potentially cause a public hazard would result in postponement of the Steelers Week 15 game at San Francisco to Tuesday during the day.

The power at Candlestick Park has gone out twice tonight, once right before kickoff and once during the second quarter.

What would that do to the Steelers, who have a Saturday game against St. Louis on Saturday?

The least amount of time teams have between games is four days - Sunday to Thursday. A three-game respite between games is unprecedented since the league adopted Thursday night games.

San Francisco would obviously have the same liability, but the 49ers don't need to get on a plane back to the Eastern Time Zone after the game ends.

Whenever that is.

It's midway through the third quarter, and there doesn't seem to be any power issues. The first two came without warning, though, and another stoppage could lead to a postponement.

If Candlestick Park is unable to host the remainder of the game, it would shift across the bay to Oakland Coliseum.

The 49ers have the ball in Steelers territory with 10:21 left in the third quarter, leading 6-0.

In a game where Pittsburgh's defense appears to be performing at a high level, their offense could use a night off. While their overall yards (202) aren't terrible, they aren't coming in bunches on the same drive. They've threatened in the red zone, but Roethlisberger interceptions have held them back.