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Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 17: Steelers-Bengals Preview, Roberto Clemente and the Ethos of PGH Discussion

For the first time in awhile,Terrible Towel Talk recorded an episode some day other than Monday night. And the 90 minute show with Neal Coolong and Mike Silverstein from earlier on Friday afternoon was certainly an enjoyable one. For a little over half of the episode, the three of us previewed the Pittsburgh Steelers pivotal Week 13 home tilt with the Cincinnati Bengals. For the final 40 minutes or so, I more or less just listened to a discussion between Silverstein and Coolong about the Coolong family's interesting ties to Roberto Clemente. That led to a broader conversation about the city itself -- its ethos or spirit if you will, its history of race dynamics, and what the two of them miss most about living in the 'Burgh. A non-native myself, I of course did not chime in there, but I did get to direct the conversation a bit with some questions I am always curious to get yinzers take on.

Many thanks to the two of them for joining me, and cheers to all of you who continue to tune in. Happy Friday. Go Steelers!

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