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5 Burning Question in the Wake of the Steelers Loss to San Francisco

The Steelers loss to the San Francisco 49ers was a bitter pill to swallow, perhaps even more bitter of a pill than the loss to Baltimore at Heinz Field because this game gave them a chance to atone for that last minute meltdown.

But crisis breeds opportunity or at the very least a chance to ask 5 Burning Questions on the Steelers.

1. Reactions to the loss to the 49ers surprise me. Both immediately after the game and with the benefit of reflection my opinion is that Charlie Batch should have come in the game. However, much of Steelers Nation is defending Tomlin. Should Ben Roethlisberger have started, should Batch have relieved him, and if so when?

2. Bill Cowher described the Rooneys as "hands on, but they let you do your job." So, you ARE Art or Dan Rooney, what do you say to Mike Tomlin after a game like that?

3. In 2011 the Steelers play championship caliber football at home and lucky to be .500 football on the road. Pittsburgh has now all but certainly relegated themselves to Wild Card status. What evidence can you muster for or against the argument that the Steelers can become a good road team in two weeks time?

4. Monday Night was heaven for a self-professed Arians Agnostic. On the one hand Arians ended up throwing 44 times and rushing sixteen times against the NFL's number one rush defense....
....but on the other hand he did so on a night when injuries clearly limited his quarterback while his running back was running strong. Defend or critique Arians game planning or play calling vs. the 49ers.

5. With Mewelde Moore out with a sprained MCL, the Steelers are all but certain to activate John Clay from the practice squad, meaning someone must be cut to make room, even if it is a temporary move. However, the Steelers could lose whoever that person is. Who do you risk cutting?

Have at hit folks. We're liable to have a melody of opinions so please be mindful to maintain your best holiday cheer with those of whom you might disagree. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.