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Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 21: Pro Bowlers Announced + Week 16 Recap and Week 17 Preview Edition

My whirlwind past month inches one step closer to completion as I'm back in Seattle following a nice 10 day jaunt down to Southern California for the Holidays. I'll be packing up and moving to New York next week though, but at least I'll have a minute before then to catch my breath and pay close attention to the seventeenth and final week of the 2011 NFL season. I got that process started on Tuesday night with a podcast with Bill Priatko and Dave Villiotti. It was one of our better hours of Steelers conversation I'd say, so check it out if you're so inclined. We'll try to get some fun guests lined up for next week's show after we learn that the Steelers are either traveling west for a wild card round game, or if they're off for a week as one of the top two seeds in the AFC.

Listen here to mp3 of Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 21

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