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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Pittsburgh Can Clinch Playoff Berth In Week 14 Edition

IX - There may be no more religious player in the NFL than Troy Polamalu, but with the ascension of Tim Tebow into the spotlight, Polamalu and others' displays of faith are more or less overshadowed completely by Tebow. Good find by Kai B., the longtime BTSC reader who's been keeping BTSC's Facebook page updated with fresh content and conversation.

X - Good feature on SB Nation titled Tim Tebow, Brett Favre, and the Gunslinger Prophecy: An Evangelical Tract.

XIII - Like last week, I'll be posting this later as well, but here's Episode 17 of Terrible Towel Talk. It was a fun 70 minutes talking to Bill Priatko and Dave Villiotti about the Steelers 35-7 win over the Bengals, some Coach LeBeau talk, and a look ahead to Thursday night's matchup with the Browns. Thanks to a few of you who submitted questions during the show, and like always, appreciate you listening. I'll be previewing the Browns game more comprehensively with Neal Coolong and Chris Fedor of WKNR in Cleveland on Thursday afternoon.

XIV - The Steelers may be trailing the Ravens in the AFC North due to tiebreakers, but it's Pittsburgh, not Baltimore, who can clinch a playoff berth this weekend.

XL- ESPN files its Week 14 NFL Power Rankings. I'll be doing another version of mine later today.

XLIII - Seen the webisode series called 'Pittsburgh Dad?' Folks' creativity never ceases to amaze.