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Five Burning Questions: Steelers -- Browns, Past and Present Edition

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It's a short week, so let's move the questions up a bit in anticipation of the Steelers (9-3) Thursday night meeting with the rival Cleveland Browns (4-8).

1. The NFL is a passing league and the Steelers are a passing team. Ok, with that out of the way, did it or did it not stir something in your soul to see the Steelers pound in not one, but two runs from inside the red zone?

2. In a previous edition, I asked about Troy Polamalu playing so close to the line of scrimmage. In the Bludgeoning of the Bengals he was covering deep for most of the game. Why did the coaches make the change and what does it mean?

3. When Ziggy Hood took over for the injured Aaron Smith in 2010, the second-year first round pick started slowly but finished with a bang. How would you assess Hood's play so far in 2011?

4. A Cincinnatian and a true football visionary, having predicted Bill Belichick's rise in 1996, was incensed at some of the calls in the Bengals game. While I respectfully disagree with my friend in this case, we can admit that there have been times when the Steelers have been beneficiaries of questionable or incorrect calls. For just this once, can you put aside your Pittsburgh pride and fess up to some of the times when you think the Steelers have come out on the lucky end of wrong calls or non-calls?

5. The Steelers play the Browns this week, their historic rival. Although Cleveland has given Pittsburgh its worst loss ever, and other heart breaking defeats, do you feel that the feud has cooled between the two teams? Why or why not?

There you have 'em folks now dive into the debate!