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Is Flozell Adams More of a Steeler Than He Ever Was a Cowboy?

Yes, I realize that is not Flozell.
Yes, I realize that is not Flozell.

I remember when Willie Colon injured his Achilles tendon early in training camp.  Reports came out quickly that he would most likely go on IR and be lost for the season.  I recall the panic of people looking at our options to replace him on the current roster.  Bleak, would have been the ideal word to describe the fiasco.  Then, rumors that the Steelers had brought in Flozell Adams for a workout popped up.  Plenty of fans lamented how if he was ousted from the Dallas Cowboys he had no right to be wearing Black and Gold.  Also, they were quick to point out some of his questionable plays that had earned him notoriety as a dirty player.

Personally, I was extremely excited at the potential of the Hotel joining the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He was clearly the best option to replace Colon. What could have been a better option?  Jonathan Scott, a player who had started 14 games in his career, that was not good enough to be kept on a Bills team that was desperate for OL?  No thanks.  Tony Hills a player who had never started a game in his career?  That sounds risky.  How about Christ Scott a rookie?  Why not go with the former LT that had previously been a Pro Bowler and was arguably the best OT in the league just a few years ago?  That sounded the most appealing to me.

Yes, yes he would have to make the transition to RT, however he had the majority of training camp and preseason to learn.  At first, his foot work looked really rough, but you could see with every preseason game that he improved drastically.  Eventually, muscle memory took over and the Steelers organization and its fans have not had to worry about the issue since.  Flozell Adams, in my opinion, has been just as important to the Steelers offensive line as Maurkice Pouncey has been.  The Steelers love to run behind Adams and they do so very well.  With the exception of running outside sweeps, the Steelers have the most success running at the RT with a 4.09 yards per carry average and 18% of their runs go that way.

Anyway, I bring all of this up because I believe that Flozell Adams enjoys being a Steeler more than he ever enjoyed being a Cowboy.  Obviously that is easy to say since he has made it to his first Super Bowl as a Steeler, but I think there is more to it than that.  Just last week Adams would not even address questions about his Cowboy history saying, "I am a Steeler".  Then this week the entire offensive line honored Adams, "their leader" as they said, by wearing his Michigan State jerseys ont he flight to the Super Bowl (See the video here.).  Just reading the transcript from his interview on the matter confirms to me that he is now more of a Steeler than he ever was a Cowboy.