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Behind the Steel Curtain Week In Review: The Offseason Beings Edition

If you're a new BTSC reader (encountered the site sometime around the start of or during the 2010 season), you may be pleasantly surprised by the high volume of content that's created during the offeason. It's actually in some respects easier to crank out tons of content during the offseason than it is during the 17 weeks that there are regular season NFL games. That's a story for another day though. Anyway, even if you've seen how the site operates during the offseason months, you're going to find that there's more main page posts than ever this offseason. Hopefully, you guys will continue to supplement with all your great commentary in the fanposts and fanshots section.

So, with the pace quicker than ever, I thought it made sense to do a recap of the week that was on BTSC. For those of you who have already read all the posts, well, I've heard from some of you before that it's hard to keep the conversations going when something new is posted. This might be a small way to continue some of those good debates while we continue working on new stuff to discuss.

I'll begin with sticking to what's on the main page, but the plan is to do the same for the fanposts section, which is now more than ever, difficult to keep up with thanks to you all's incredible inclination to write. Without further ado, here's our BTSC week in review:

* Tim Gleason (aka maryrose) helps Steeler Nation better appreciate the 2010 season with an outstanding piece about the great journey that was the 2010 season.

* After digesting the disappointment that the Steelers hadn't extended their lead in the Lombardi Trophys department, we tracked Tuesday's news about the potential departure of defensive backs coach Ray Horton. By Wednesday, it was confirmed that Ken Whisenhunt had recruited yet another member of the Steelers to join the Arizona Cardinals. Congratulations to Horton on the exciting opportunity to be an NFL defensive coordinator for the first time in his career.

* I published the first two posts about each 2011 Steelers free agent. There's 13 more on the horizon, but the first two were offensive tackle Willie Colon; and running back Mewelde Moore.

* You can see the full list of 2011 free agents, and scan the comments section to see what fans believe the Steelers should do with each FA.

* Later in the week, maryrose squeezes a quick post in to share his four main takes from SB XLV in Dallas.

* Aren't we lucky momma Rollet continues to be interested in writing. This week she penned a very well done piece about the job performance on the coaching staff in 2010, with a particular emphasis on the much-maligned offensive coordinator of the Steelers, Bruce Arians. She then took a stab at answering whether a power running game was necessary for the Steelers to succeed in the playoffs in today's NFL. Earlier in the week, she paid tribute to some of the players that made the season so enjoyable to her as a fan in an article titled 'Ballad of the Beard: An Ode to the 2010 Steelers'.

* What a treat it was to read RickVa's posts all season long. His writing ability, big picture perspective, and understanding of the game shine through in each and every offering. After the Super Bowl loss, the longtime BTSC reader and contributor wrote about the 'Magnificent Failure' that was the end to the Steelers' remarkable 2010 season in SB XLV last Sunday.

* Before reluctantly turning my attention to the 2011 offseason, I reflected back on the Steelers loss in SB XLV with a post about the admirable performance of the offensive line against the Packers. I followed that up with some ruminations on the play of other Steelers during last Sunday's disappointing loss.