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Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Free Agents Analysis: Jeremy Kapinos

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Onward with our tour of the 15 Pittsburgh Steelers players whose contracts expired after the team's 31-25 to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV. In our first two posts, we've looked at two guys that have an interesting set of circumstances and factors to consider when thinking about their potential future in Pittsburgh. Let's turn our attention briefly to a player whose future is a little bit easier to figure: punter Jeremy Kapinos.

The back story: Kapinos, the league's worst punter in '09 while with the Packers, did just fine for the Steelers in relief of the injured Daniel Sepulveda. Kapinos joined the Steelers in Week 14 for the team's second tilt with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Penn State product was average at best in his first two games (his performance against the Jets in Week 15 contributed to the Steelers' late-season loss). But in Pittsburgh's final two contests, Kapinos averaged 45.3 and 56 yards per punt respectively. He was equally good in the playoffs, averaging over 48 yards per punt in his eight postseason kicks.

The BTSC Consensus: Most of you all believe that the Steelers should sign Kapinos to a meager one-year deal while waiting to see the injury status of Sepulveda. Wise, as this is major knee injury No. 2 that Robo-Punter has suffered since being drafted by the Steelers.

What I'd do: Nobody's going to bid for Kapinos' services, so offer Kapinos a bare-bones contract to compete with Sepulveda in Latrobe next year. How about we go with 1 year, $410,000, 30k signing bonus (as small thanks to a job well-done in '10 when the Steelers were in a bind)

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