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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Courage, Personnel Priorities, and Sounds of the Game Edition

IX - Steeler Nation has James Harrison in its thoughts and prayers today as the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year undergoes routine back surgery. Harrison mentioned feeling loads of pain following the Steelers loss to Green Bay in Super Bowl XLV, which explains why the beastly OLB was less dominant and disruptive than we're accustomed to seeing from Deebo. Even though his agent said the surgery is 'routine', operations like that are always scary and carry risks. Here's to hoping we receive good news later tonight or tomorrow that everything went well and he's on the road to recovery.

X - Dale Lolley writes that re-signing LaMarr Woodley is the team's top priority. I've gone on the record multiple times this past year or so to claim that I think Woodley's time in Pittsburgh is done. But Lolley is certainly far more in the loop and know than I am. I suppose that even if the Steelers would very much like to re-sign Woodley and offer him a contract that's close to in line with what the market might offer, I still believe it will come down to whether Woodley will chase the maximum deal possible, because in my mind, there's definitely going to be a team that will outbid the Steelers at some point.

XIII - Defensive end Nick Eason has been named the Pittsburgh Steelers' 2010 Ed Block Courage Award recipient. What's that you ask? For the past 32 years, one player from every NFL team is honored for his commitment to the principles of courage and sportsmanship while serving as an inspiration in the locker rooms and community. In case you had forgotten, Eason's appendix burst last offseason, and doctors were forced to remove it as well as part of his small intestine. Eason lost 30 pounds and was an uncertainty heading into the season. Well, Eason recovered in time to play in all 16 games, starting five. His play was a big reason why the play of the Steelers defensive line didn't diminish much in the absence of Brett Keisel. You can expect a free agent profile on Eason from me in the coming days, as he too saw his contract expire at the end of this season.

XIV - Steelers Lounge asks the tough question: Cornerback or Offensive line? The question, of course, refers to what the Steelers top priority should be heading into this year's draft.

XL - A Packers fan takes time from basking in his team's SB glory to thank Steeler Nation for the class it has exhibited before during and after the Steelers loss to Green Bay in SB XLV. Good stuff. And I'd agree, at least based on the collective attitudes of ourselves here at BTSC. We'll be back.

XLIII - Had the Steelers won the Super Bowl, we would have all been watching these videos together, perhaps every day for the past week. But even in defeat, it's worth watching the NFL's SB Sound FX series. The productions feature all the stunning video footage, music, and mic'ed up players that only the NFL can pull of. Like always, they're worth a watch. Part 1....Part 2....Part 3.