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Steelers LB James Harrison Delays Back Surgery Due To Fever

Earlier on Monday, I wrote in the BTSC Steelers Six Pack that our collective thoughts were with James Harrison. The menacing but misunderstood linebacker was scheduled to undergo surgery on his back Monday, an operation that his agent claimed was nothing more than 'routine'. Well, Harrison's surgery was delayed by a week as a result of Harrison coming down with a fever prior to going under the knife.

As fans, we're so accustomed to reading about our favorite players having surgery that it seems like no big deal and just part of the job. Well, it partly is -- part of the job that is. All surgeries though are a 'big deal' for the simple reason that they carry substantial risks from unforeseen complications. Harrison's case is a perfect example of these risks. Had Harrison's body not acted up until even just a few hours later after the operation had already begun, who knows what might happened. Anyway, bottom line is I'm thankful that the proper precautions were taken. Pushing things back one week carries absolutely zero downside other than the fact that Deebo will have a long week to do little but think about his upcoming surgery.

Harrison's agent, Bill Parisse, said there's still nothing to worry about, and that his client should be ready to resume working out within four to six weeks following the operation.

"They do not anticipate any difficulties," Parise said of the surgery. "He's going to be fine."