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Let's Limerick: Jerry Richardson / Jerry Jones Edition

Happy Friday y'all. Hope your weeks were productive and enjoyable. It's contest time here on Behind the Steel Curtain. Bargaining sessions between the NFL ownership and NFLPA resumed on Friday. I've yet to have time to read about how things went today, but hopefully progress was made. They certainly couldn't have gotten any worse than the last meeting between the two parties, a scheduled two-day session that the owners walked out of on day one. During that last futile meeting, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was rumored to have been quite the condescending antagonist to Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

So, let's have a little fun at the expense of the geriatric billionaire that is reportedly one of the owners adamant on there being a lockout. And while we're at it, let's throw Jerry Jones into the mix too. Rather than just providing a caption either of the two pictures, write a limerick about either one of the two men, or about both.  No need to keep it PG rated necessarily, but let's not be tasteless or excessively vulgar either. Limericks are supposed to be funny, but crude doesn't always translate to funny. Before getting started, read the rules below.


If you don't know what a limerick is, you can educate yourself real quickly here. (Read the section about form). But basically it's a five line poem with lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyming with each other. Lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other, but not with 1, 2, 5. Lines 1,2, and 5 also contain the same number of syllables; lines 3 and 4 have the same number of syllables as well, but again, different from lines 1,2,5.  Typically lines 1,2, and 5 will have 7, 8 or 9 syllables, with 4 and 5 having 5 or 6 syllables. Ask any questions if you're confused before submitting your selections.

The winner, which will be decided by myself and perhaps my brother and/or girlfriend, will get a copy of maryrose's book From Black To Gold: The Pittsburgh Steelers which I will purchase from him on Monday. If you've read it already, I'll give you $25 (the cost of the book) via PayPal or Amazon gift card.

So, real quick review:

  • Must be proper limerick -- ask someone else to double-check it for you before posting if you're not sure if yours adheres to the proper form
  • Must be submitted by Monday 12 pm (EST); winner announced shortly there after.
  • Two entries allowed per person, but each must be different. Example: 1 about Richardson, 1 about Jones; also okay is 1 about Jones and 1 about both men.
  • Excessively vulgar or obscene entries will be deleted.. (I'd try to avoid 'F' bombs if I were you, though that won't necessarily be grounds for disqualification).

Let's get to it. Make me laugh.