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Let's Limerick Winner Is?

Thanks to all of you who submitted entries into our lighthearted limerick contest over the weekend. The premise, pretty simple: write a limerick about either Jerry Jones, Jerry Richardson, or both owners. Lots of great submissions that's for sure. Hard to pick a winner but here's my choice. A few notable runner up submissions are shared below as well.

From longtime reader Alba:

There once were two owners named Jer,
Distinctly more "lazy" than "fair";
When asked for their reason
For no football next season:
"We get paid either way, so why care?"


Alba wins the copy of maryrose's book 'From Black To Gold: The Pittsburgh Steelers'. I will contact you shortly about the prize.

Runners Up:

from DwightWhite's Missing Tooth:

Good old Jerry received a new heart
He got from the local Wal-Mart
They installed it all wrong
Right next to his dong
Now he can’t tell a beat from a fart.


And from TVsCHACHI

O what a sour faced man
with his smug diabolical plan
by rocking the boat
he becomes the damned goat
and entices the ire of most fans


And SteelLadyInVA

There once was a man from Dallas
Who really had nothing for a phallus
So to see something big
He created a new gig
And built himself a great huge palace