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Behind the Steel Curtain Week in Review: The 2011 NFL Draft Approaches Edition

Like we've done the past few weeks, a look back at some of the featured content here on BTSC this past week. Here's a sampling that you might enjoy reading if you've not yet had an opportunity.

* Last week's 2011 potential draft pick profiles included:

* There was plenty of reading material here on BTSC this past week, but hard to argue against Ivan Cole's personal story about the opening of Three Rivers Stadium  as the highlight of the week. A job very well done by him.

* big_jay filed his first seven-round mock draft of the season here on BTSC early last week. Also outstanding and informative. In case you missed it:

* Rebecca Rollet finished Game No. 3 of our 2010 season in review series. I'm holding things up at the moment by not having finished up Game 4. You can expect that sometime early this week.

* Yours truly assessed the rookie campaigns of the crop of first round picks from the '10 Draft. Here's what I had to say about:

* John Stephens gets back to what he loves most -- looking at numbers and stats -- with Part 1 of a series of posts that examines the most productive offenses in the NFL last season.

* Mr. Stephens also analyzed the always contentious debate concerning who's most to blame for the high volume of sacks of Ben Roethlisberger.