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Super Bowl XLV Pre-Game Open Thread

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Okay Steeler Nation, we're less than five hours away from kickoff of Super Bowl XLV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. I'm about to head to the media hotel where a shuttle will take me out to Cowboys Stadium in nearby Arlington. I should be in my seat and ready to go at least two hours before kickoff. After wandering around Jerry World for a few minutes, I'll be back with some final thoughts on the game.

Here's a few things on my mind as I think about how the game will unfold:

  • Who, if anybody, will succumb to nerves? Will the Steelers young contributors be overwhelmed by the moment? What about the Packers? Gree Bay's roster is filled with guys that will be playing in their first SB after all. 
  • Special teams play is the one area where I'm a bit concerned, even though the Packers haven't been all that great this season in that department.
  • I've been sufficiently impressed by Shaun Suisham's play this year since joining the Steelers, but man, I really hope the game is not in his hands in the final seconds.
  • One of the primary reasons the Steelers have won eight of their past nine games has been the decision making of Ben Roethisberger. Sure he's continued trying to make big plays rather than quickly throwing the ball away, but he's also been pretty darn cautious with the football in terms of not forcing the ball into tight coverage. 
  • I would be more surprised if Aaron Rodgers plays a great game than I would be if he struggles. Hitting him early and often might go a long ways towards ensuring he struggles as the game progresses. We'll see!
  • What's on your mind as we count down the final few hours before kickoff?